Eryk Michael Kordus Salonen



My name is Eryk Salonen and I am an overall really joyful person! I like to engage in sports, watch documentaries, chillax with friends, make music, and create edits! Im so enthralled to be a part of the photography club and Im really eager to be engaing with everyone in person on tuesdays ;). I have a couple pets: a cat and a dog. Theyre small, but I had a bigger dog when I was a kid - so huskys are quite my favorite. Im silly, learned, and ready to start fresh with photography! I have never picked it up before, little than owning a camera. I take pictures with my iPhone of sunsets and I post them on my instagram (linked at the side). I have a twin, identical - up to 99.9%! Lastly, I cook my own meals:).

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